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Customs Clearance Service

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Freight forwarding service


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Transportation service
Kewla Shipping provides comprehensive Customs Clearance Services for hassle free import and export of consignments by Sea, Air and Road.
We also assist our clients in preparing documents related to import and export, completion of appraisement and examination procedures and payments.
All your freight movements are in professional hands. Handling of all bookings and necessary documents is performed in-house.
Motivated and sharp calculating staff who are able to apply ‘Economic Route Management’; finding the fastest and most attractively priced way, your cargo can travel.
Kewla has built a reliable believed within High Ways and Road Transportation. With all types of Small, Medium and Large we can arrange all kind of Transport Requirement.
We provide full Services Tour Customers from Pick Point to Delivery Point. All the material booked in Transport can be Tracked by Our Team.